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Haystack Mountain, School of Crafts, PO Box 518, Deer Isle, Maine 04627 USA

Phone: (207) 348-2306, Fax: (207) 348-2307
Email: haystack@haystack-mtn.org
Web: haystack-mtn.org

Summer Workshop Session 2

June 28 – July 10 2015 – ENAMELING

Add and Subtract—The Pleasures of Mark Marking in Enamel

This workshop will provide an opportunity to translate visual imagery into vitreous enamel on steel and/or copper. By using direct drawing and mark-making through unfired enamel known as sgraffito—a way of making fluid and spontaneous drawings— sensitive and delicate lines can be achieved as well as bold and strong marks. These surfaces can be further enhanced by abrading the fired surface after the first firing is complete—it is possible to rub through layers of enamel to hidden levels, revealing subtle line, color, visual texture and the thinnest layers of enamel while creating a sensuous and tactile surface. All levels welcome.

This workshop is supported by the Samuel J. Rosenfeld Faculty Fund for Sculpture in Ceramics and/or Wood.

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